Fiona came from Downey, a high kill shelter in the LA area.  She is about 5 years old.  She wants to be an only cat.  She does not even like the smells of other cats. This makes her perfect for someone who only wants ONE cat.

She is good at setting boundaries, of what she wants. She will touch you with her teeth if you have pet her too much.  (or if you smell like other cats).

She does not break the skin.  We find that a remarkable ability.  

She deserves a chance to be alone.  Connect with her humans and learn what it is like to be loved.

She has alot to give also. 

Meet Fiona...

Pamalah MacNeily.

3 years ago, I rescued my first kitten from a high-kill shelter in LA.  It is hard to believe that in some shelters, cats are only given 5 days before they are killed.  I rescued about 10 cats personally.   In 2013, I met Patti Patterson, of

For Paws, Fairfax, CA and we started adopting out of her pet store.  We have continued to adopt between 70 to 100+ cats a year here in Marin County. 

Down South, each month my 501 c3, helps facilitate 100 to 150 cats and dogs get out of San Berardinal Animal Control per month.  We work with other rescues and with local volunteers who are doing the courageous and heartbreaking work of rescue. 


Cat Angel Network, 415-686-7635,
We are a non-profit tax exempt organization. EIN- 47-4617305